WARNING! Your Argan Oil May Be Fake If You See These 5 Warning Signs

argan oil for the nails

Your Argan Oil May Be Fake If You See These 5 Warning Signs!!

You may have heard about Argan Oil; a very special oil that will not only moisturize your skin but also keep it hydrated and soft to the touch. However, you only get these benefits from pure Argan oil. There are a lot of imposters that have made their way onto store shelves. You do not want to purchase fake Argan oil. But how can you tell if the product is real of fake?


Here Are 5 Warning Signs that Your Argan Oil is Impure:

  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Bottle
  • Scent
  • Texture

Let’s break down each one so you know what to look for when purchasing Argan Oil.



There should be only one ingredient listed on the bottle. The bottle must state that it is 100% pure Argan Oil. If there are any other ingredients listed, the product is a fake and should not be purchased.



Sometimes the price will give you a clue that the Argan oil you are looking to purchase is a fake. Argan oil is made by hand, and takes quite some time to make. This should be shown in the price of the product. If you see a large bottle selling for a low price that should send up a red flag. A lower price may also be found on food grade Argan oil. However, you will not receive the benefits for your skin with food grade.



If the oil you are considering buying is in a clear or plastic bottle, do not buy it. Both can help the oil to breakdown. Pure Argan oil is usually in a blue or amber colored bottle. However, you can also find pure oil in a stainless steel or aluminium container.



If the oil smells good, like something delicious, it is food grade oil and should not be used for your skin. However, you also do not want to purchase an oil that has no scent at all or that smells floral. Pure oil will have a somewhat unique smell; most people think it has a nutty scent.



The texture of pure Argan oil will be smooth, silky and easily absorbed into the skin. If it irritates or stings when used, it is not pure. If you think it is a bit sticky, watery, or slimy, do not use it. You should not have an oily feel to your skin either.


Be careful when purchasing Argan oil. You want to ensure you are buying the real thing so that you will reap the benefits. By using the 5 warning signs listed above you can easily identify if the product is pure.




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