Avoid These Types of Argan Oil

Bottles of argan oil to avoid

Types of Argan Oil to Avoid

Pure and original Argan Oil is quite hard to obtain given that its production is time-consuming and its price is very high. Most of the Argan Oil found in the market today is barely genuine. Fake producers are even going to an extent of diluting it in order to make a cheap but impure product. Spending some extra money to buy completely pure oil is definitely worth it, instead of going for those cheap and less beneficial fake brands. Make sure to avoid these types of Argan Oil so that you can invest in products that are worth purchasing.


Poorly Packaged Argan Oil

Most probably you may have come across Argan Oil that is sold in clear bottles. Others are packaged in plastic containers. It is important to note that the best properties of this oil are broken down by light. One of the best ways you can identify genuine Argan Oil is through the packaging
form. It should be packaged in a dark glass.

Cheap Brands

Argan Oil goes through a lot of processes in production and consumes much labor. That explains the high price of the genuine oil. That however, does not imply that the most expensive brand is the genuine one. The price of the oil is usually determined by the level of concentration of Argan in that product. You should therefore check the ingredients carefully before purchasing the product. However, take note that the best option would be to use completely pure Argan Oil that has no added chemicals. 

Odorless and Strong Smelling Oil

Argan oil usually has a mild aroma that disappears within few minutes of contact with your skin since it usually absorbs quickly. You should not purchase oil that is odorless or even strong smelling.

Lightly Colored Oil

Culinary Argan Oil has a golden brown color whilethe cosmetic one having a light golden yellow color. Brands whose color is quite light should be avoided since there is a very high probability that the genuine oil was mixed with other oils.

Added Ingredients

It is always essential to check on the ingredients of the product you are about to buy. Make sure to purchase products which have only one ingredient- Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa). There should be no water, preservatives or even fragrances. Combining Argan Oil with other ingredients tends to degrade its quality and effects.


WARNING! Your Argan Oil May Be Fake If You See These 5 Warning Signs

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Your Argan Oil May Be Fake If You See These 5 Warning Signs!!

You may have heard about Argan Oil; a very special oil that will not only moisturize your skin but also keep it hydrated and soft to the touch. However, you only get these benefits from pure Argan oil. There are a lot of imposters that have made their way onto store shelves. You do not want to purchase fake Argan oil. But how can you tell if the product is real of fake?


Here Are 5 Warning Signs that Your Argan Oil is Impure:

  • Ingredients
  • Price
  • Bottle
  • Scent
  • Texture

Let’s break down each one so you know what to look for when purchasing Argan Oil.



There should be only one ingredient listed on the bottle. The bottle must state that it is 100% pure Argan Oil. If there are any other ingredients listed, the product is a fake and should not be purchased.



Sometimes the price will give you a clue that the Argan oil you are looking to purchase is a fake. Argan oil is made by hand, and takes quite some time to make. This should be shown in the price of the product. If you see a large bottle selling for a low price that should send up a red flag. A lower price may also be found on food grade Argan oil. However, you will not receive the benefits for your skin with food grade.



If the oil you are considering buying is in a clear or plastic bottle, do not buy it. Both can help the oil to breakdown. Pure Argan oil is usually in a blue or amber colored bottle. However, you can also find pure oil in a stainless steel or aluminium container.



If the oil smells good, like something delicious, it is food grade oil and should not be used for your skin. However, you also do not want to purchase an oil that has no scent at all or that smells floral. Pure oil will have a somewhat unique smell; most people think it has a nutty scent.



The texture of pure Argan oil will be smooth, silky and easily absorbed into the skin. If it irritates or stings when used, it is not pure. If you think it is a bit sticky, watery, or slimy, do not use it. You should not have an oily feel to your skin either.


Be careful when purchasing Argan oil. You want to ensure you are buying the real thing so that you will reap the benefits. By using the 5 warning signs listed above you can easily identify if the product is pure.





Your skin will reap endless benefits with Argan Oil

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There are many causes of skin damage. The harsh environment, unhealthy foods, aging, and stress are just a few. Wrinkles, dry patches, and dark spots are some of the signs that your skin is starting to deteriorate and in today’s world, that can happen well before it’s supposed to. Fortunately for you and I, nature has provided a wonder answer for our skin care problems and it’s Argan Oil.

Argan oil is one of the latest and greatest breakthroughs in the skin care industry. Known for it’s other countless medical benefits, Argan oil is also a natural wonder when it comes to repairing and reversing damaged skin.

There are a great number of benefits Argan oil for your skin. It’s become very popular among skin care manufacturers and as time goes on, more and more are adding this incredible oil to their products. Which is great news for us, because it’s relatively low cost and easy to find in almost any pharmacy or beauty supply store. So what are all of these wonderful benefits? The list below are just a few, but they are some of the most popular reasons customers use it for their skin.

  • Argan oil helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles after a single use. 

  • It effectively softens the skin.

  • Using this oil on a daily basis will increase your skin’s elasticity while reducing the appearance of pores and sagging skin. Especially under the eyes. 

  • Argan oil gives your skin a protective shield against the harshness of the environment, the sun, and any other damaging properties that you can be faced with on a daily basis.

  • It has anti-aging properties

  • It can be used on sensitive skin without causing rashes or blemishes. 

  • It reduces oiliness in the skin

  • It helps irritation and breakouts that are due to acne

  • Argan oil helps to reduce the appearance of scars due to problems such as acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.

  • Argan oil is easy for the skin to absorb no matter the type. 

The reason Argan oil is able to provide all of these wonderful benefits is because it contains a component called Triterpenoids which provides amazing skin revitalizing effects. This component will also quicken the healing ability of your skin. Triterpenoids also possess antibacterial properties which helps to provide that protective layer and eventually allow the regeneration of new skin tissues.

Argan oil contains and outstanding percentage of saturated fats. The fatty acids in Argan oil are incredibly resistant to oxidation, which means it provides long-term and effective protection for the skin. It is also very rich in plant sterols which are known to help improve skin condition and helps to retain moisture.

Argan oil is a high quality, natural vitamin E. As the research continues, it is becoming more well known that artificial vitamin E is not absorbed by the skin as well as we would have hoped. Now that the benefits of Argan oil are becoming more widely understood, may beauty care and skin care manufacturers are replacing their synthesized vitamin E with Argan oil so that your skin will reap the maximum benefits every single day. Argan oil contains a significant amount of natural vitamin E than other oils such as shea butter or olive oil.

Argan oil is becoming more commonly used as one of the main ingredients in many skin care products. Soaps, lotions, creams, and even medications are containing Argan oil. People can also buy pure Argan oil if they are looking for more of a concentrated solution to their skin care problems. Buying pure Argan also helps to be able to use it in a many number of ways in methods that they would most prefer.

It would be safe to say that using Argan oil for the skin is a wise choice. There are a great many number of benefits. In Morocco, the Argan tree is commonly known as “The Tree of Life”. Although the use of Argan oil is considered a newer breakthrough, the truth is the oil has been used for many many years for many different purposes. It’s been a way of life for the natives of Morocco.

Argan oil is natural, it is effective, low cost, and has proven results. Many people will testify that they have seen a dramatic improvement after just a single use.