How Argan Oil is Extracted


Most people wonder how this precious oil is extracted from its natural state to the usable oil but wonder no more. The oil that is usually considered as gold oil has a very rigorous method of extraction. One of the factors that make it so valuable is the fact that it is only found in one country in the world; the South Western part of Morocco. There are three ways in which it can be obtained from the Argan plant. These are;

  • Traditionally
  • Mechanically
  • Chemically

Traditional method of extraction

The traditional method involves various steps. They include the following stages;


The first step is the harvesting stage. 

The men in Morocco walked to the Argan forest and collected the fallen Argan fruit. They could also collect them from the goats waste or the substance that goats spit out after they have chewed cuds. The method is made possible due to the fact that the fruits are hard and the goats cannot be able to chew them. The reason for going into all this trouble to obtain the fruit is that they cannot pick them directly from the tree since they could get rotten. After gathering the fruits, they could carry heavy bags full of the raw plants back to the village. Only the lucky ones who had donkeys or mules could use the domestic animals to carry the load for them. The process is still practiced even today and the skills have been passed on from one generation to the next.


The second process involves drying the fruit.

The fruits were dried in the sun for a few weeks. The process of drying the fruits helps to dry the outer green covering.

The task involves crushing the pulp using stones one fruit at a time.

Women then gather to do the painstaking task of removing the dried shell to get the Argan nuts. After the argan nuts have been uncovered, the Argan nuts are then crushed using a specially made pot and a mortar. The substance obtained from the crushing is the seeds, also referred to as the kernels.

The seeds are then roasted under high pressure.

Finally, they are ground to extract the oil either manually, chemically or mechanically.

The manual process involved adding water to the mixture when grinding it. The addition of water has been noted as the major weakness of this process since it lowered the concentration of the Argan oil. Even though oil that has been extracted naturally is of a higher quality than that obtained through other methods, most of it gets wasted in the process. Therefore, the process does not produce the optimum amount of oil from the kernel. It is also not advisable to use oil obtained in this manner as a cosmetic because it can have a negative effect on your skin. The water added during the extraction process provides an environment where harmful bacteria’s thrive and the process is usually unhygienic which means that the oil obtained can be contaminated with germs.


Mechanical process of extraction

The mechanical process of extracting the oil uses an electrical machine to grind the oil out of the kernel. The method is more hygienic as compared to the traditional one due to the use of stainless steel equipments in the industrial processes. The method also yields about 10% more oil than the traditional method. However, this mechanical process uses a high temperature in the pressing stage that ends up destroying the nutritious properties of the oil. The final product has a fatty substance devoid of crucial nutrients which is not useful for the body.


Chemical method of extraction

Lastly, the chemical method is also used in the extraction process. The method applies scientific principals whereby the ground kernel is pulverized and then mixed with a solvent. The resultant oil gets suspended on the solvent. The chemicals are then heated until they vaporize and the Argan oil remains in the container. Oil obtained through this process might get contaminated in the process and it is usually yellow in colour and it is definitely unhealthy. Such oil, just like in the mechanical process, usually has less nutritional value than the manually extracted Argan oil. Companies prefer these methods so as to increase the yield at the expense of the ingredients that are destroyed in the process.


The method of extracting the Argan oil is indeed quite interesting. The secret is doing it as naturally as possible to get the healthiest product out of the kernel.



Argan Oil Uses and Benefits

Argan oil kernel

If you have been sensitive to the beauty industry then it is possible you have heard about Argan oil, commonly known as ’liquid gold’. This is because it is one of the most looked for and the most effective natural beauty product currently in the market. In fact, many beauty supplements, creams and hair products contain Argan oil extract as their main ingredients. In this review, you will find out more about the benefits and uses of this great beauty elixir.

What is Argan oil? 

This can be defined as an organic product extracted from the kernels of Argan tree. The tree is native to the North African Country of Morocco and grows in abundance in that country. Moroccan women have used this product for years to make themselves beautiful and healthy. In fact, these women have the most beautiful hair and skin in the world.

The secret behind the potency and efficacy of Argan oil is its active ingredients which include vitamin E, healthy fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. The active ingredients are particularly great for the health of the skin and hair but may also be effective in many other areas of the body. It therefore comes as no surprise that many well-known celebrities you see on your screens use products derived from Argan oil.


Benefits and uses of Argan oil 

There are so many benefits associated with using the best extract of this organic product. This is because of its potency as well as being derived from nature. Here are the main advantages of using of this great organic oil.


Powerful skin moisturizer 

Argan Oil Beautiful Skin

It is accurate to say that Argan oil is the most commonly used skin moisturizer in the market. It has the capability to hydrate and soften the skin. The high content of vitamin E and fatty acids makes natural extract ideal for the skin. When applied to the skin, it absorbed easily, non-greasy and non-irritating making the best for all kinds of skin.


An effective hair conditioner 


If you need to have great hair then Argan oil is the best choice of a natural hair conditioner for you. It is capable of calming frizzy ends, treating split ends, make it hair silkier and add moisture. This makes hair easy to manage and adds healthy, attractive shine the hair. This property also makes it ideal for styling hair. It is also a great choice for people with dry hair that falls off easily.


Great anti-aging agent 

Argan oil anti aging

Aging is a stage in life that everyone has to go through. Although it is an unavoidable aspect of life, it can be delayed. Argan extract is a very powerful anti-aging agent thanks to its main ingredients such as vitamin E, fatty acids and proteins. The organic product is capable of correcting fine lines and wrinkles, repairing imperfections, minimizing scars and stretch-marks and restoring texture, elasticity and tone. Extracts of this product will give you a much younger look to keep your youthful, sexy and elegant.


Great for the nails, hands and foot 

Skincare of a beauty female feet

Beauty is not complete without healthy and elegant nails. Argan oil products have been used to improve the quality and health of the nails by softening, moisturizing and encouraging the growth of cuticles. This makes it ideal choice for those with brittle nails, dry hands as well as hard, cracked skin on the feet. All you need to do is add a few drops of the extract under the cuticles and rob a few drops of its lotion on the skin of your hands and feet and you will have supple hands and feet and healthy nails.


Helps with pregnancy 


Pregnancy is a welcome physiological state because it brings life and happiness because of the expected newborn. However, it can have terrible effects on the skin, hair as well as other parts of the body due to the associated hormonal changes. Argan oil can help pregnant women escape stretch marks and sagging skin, and puckered skin after delivery. The oil should be applied on the places of the body predisposed to stretch marks and sagging such as the belly, the breasts, the thighs as well as the bottom.

The most important reason why Argan oil is a great beauty and anti-aging product is that it is 100 percent natural and therefore 100 percent safe. You do not have to worry about the dangerous side effects associated with the synthetic, chemical based skincare and anti-aging agents currently in the market.