Beautiful Hair Starts with Argan Oil

Beautiful hair with argan oil

You’ve probably heard a great deal about Argan oil in the past few years. It has been given many names including “miracle oil” because of it’s multiple benefits for both beauty and health. The oil is actually extracted from the Argan fruit by crushing the fruit and extracting the natural fruit’s oils. This oil is growing in its use and currently replaces some of the harsher oils and ingredients in common hair products.

The only disadvantage of this oil is that, due to its multiple health benefits, the supply is somewhat limited. However, since there are a variety of products containing Argan oil on the market today, consider using them. They offer significant benefits to your hair that cannot be gotten from other products.

 Hair Treatment and Protection

Argan oil is in high demand because of its multiple benefits for hair. In fact, it may often be referred to as liquid gold since it has been used to give new life and vitality to dry and damaged hair. If you’re familiar with jojoba oil, Argan oil works in a similar way, but has actually been shown to have greater benefits. These are the important benefits of this oil.

Natural Hydration

While many products on the market claim to hydrate hair, most of them do this through harsh chemicals or other ingredients that weigh down your hair. Argan oil works with your hair to hydrate naturally. It prevents flyaways and can enhance your hair’s natural curl. It penetrates the hair shaft to smooth away roughness.

Improved Elasticity

Due to harsh products, blow drying, and other heat treatments, your hair’s natural elasticity can be damaged leaving you with brittle, fragile hair. Argan oil can penetrate the pores of the hair follicle and can restore your hair’s natural elasticity. You’ll notice over time, that the oil helps your hair to be less brittle and your locks appear to be more full.

Antioxidant Compounds

Antioxidants fight free radicals and are responsible for many of the anti-aging products on the market today. Argan oil is a natural source of antioxidants, especially vitamin E, one of the most powerful antioxidants. In your hair, these antioxidant compounds work to strengthen weakened hair strands. Vitamin E also is very helpful in treating and repairing hair that has been damaged by environmental factors. Pollution and sun exposure can damage your hair, but using this antioxidant-rich oil regularly will undo much of this damage.

Natural Shine

Many people enjoy having hair that is naturally shiny and Argan oil offers you the opportunity to have this natural shine. When you use the oil, your hair takes on a healthy sheen without being weighed down at all. You’ll also be surprised at how much more effective Argan oil is than many of the commercial products on the market today.

Beneficial for Colored Hair

If you treat and color your hair on a regular basis, then using Argan oil is a must. Rich in omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids your hair will be restored back to its original brilliance even if you dye your hair on a regular basis. Many stylists recommend Argan oil-containing hair products to their customers, especially ones who frequently dye their hair and these products help to keep your hair healthy.

What Does Argan Oil Contain?

If you’re trying to learn more about what’s in this important oil, these are the major beneficial compounds:

ü     Vitamin E

ü     Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids

ü     Powerful antioxidants

ü     Anti-inflammatory compounds

These are the major benefits that can be experienced by using Argan oil in your hair. For the best results, find Argan oil in its purest form and then use it in your hair on a regular basis. It can be applied in your hair like a natural conditioner and you’ll only need a few drops to start seeing results. If you’re not interested in using Argan oil by itself, consider buying hair products that contain Argan oil. They are also a great source and have multiple benefits.

This oil which is native to Morocco has taken hair and skincare by storm. While its use goes back centuries, the benefits have just recently become known around the world. If you’re tired of having dull, lifeless hair and want to instead make your hair naturally healthy and shiny, try Argan oil today.



Your skin will reap endless benefits with Argan Oil

beautiful young girl with a clean fresh skin

There are many causes of skin damage. The harsh environment, unhealthy foods, aging, and stress are just a few. Wrinkles, dry patches, and dark spots are some of the signs that your skin is starting to deteriorate and in today’s world, that can happen well before it’s supposed to. Fortunately for you and I, nature has provided a wonder answer for our skin care problems and it’s Argan Oil.

Argan oil is one of the latest and greatest breakthroughs in the skin care industry. Known for it’s other countless medical benefits, Argan oil is also a natural wonder when it comes to repairing and reversing damaged skin.

There are a great number of benefits Argan oil for your skin. It’s become very popular among skin care manufacturers and as time goes on, more and more are adding this incredible oil to their products. Which is great news for us, because it’s relatively low cost and easy to find in almost any pharmacy or beauty supply store. So what are all of these wonderful benefits? The list below are just a few, but they are some of the most popular reasons customers use it for their skin.

  • Argan oil helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles after a single use. 

  • It effectively softens the skin.

  • Using this oil on a daily basis will increase your skin’s elasticity while reducing the appearance of pores and sagging skin. Especially under the eyes. 

  • Argan oil gives your skin a protective shield against the harshness of the environment, the sun, and any other damaging properties that you can be faced with on a daily basis.

  • It has anti-aging properties

  • It can be used on sensitive skin without causing rashes or blemishes. 

  • It reduces oiliness in the skin

  • It helps irritation and breakouts that are due to acne

  • Argan oil helps to reduce the appearance of scars due to problems such as acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.

  • Argan oil is easy for the skin to absorb no matter the type. 

The reason Argan oil is able to provide all of these wonderful benefits is because it contains a component called Triterpenoids which provides amazing skin revitalizing effects. This component will also quicken the healing ability of your skin. Triterpenoids also possess antibacterial properties which helps to provide that protective layer and eventually allow the regeneration of new skin tissues.

Argan oil contains and outstanding percentage of saturated fats. The fatty acids in Argan oil are incredibly resistant to oxidation, which means it provides long-term and effective protection for the skin. It is also very rich in plant sterols which are known to help improve skin condition and helps to retain moisture.

Argan oil is a high quality, natural vitamin E. As the research continues, it is becoming more well known that artificial vitamin E is not absorbed by the skin as well as we would have hoped. Now that the benefits of Argan oil are becoming more widely understood, may beauty care and skin care manufacturers are replacing their synthesized vitamin E with Argan oil so that your skin will reap the maximum benefits every single day. Argan oil contains a significant amount of natural vitamin E than other oils such as shea butter or olive oil.

Argan oil is becoming more commonly used as one of the main ingredients in many skin care products. Soaps, lotions, creams, and even medications are containing Argan oil. People can also buy pure Argan oil if they are looking for more of a concentrated solution to their skin care problems. Buying pure Argan also helps to be able to use it in a many number of ways in methods that they would most prefer.

It would be safe to say that using Argan oil for the skin is a wise choice. There are a great many number of benefits. In Morocco, the Argan tree is commonly known as “The Tree of Life”. Although the use of Argan oil is considered a newer breakthrough, the truth is the oil has been used for many many years for many different purposes. It’s been a way of life for the natives of Morocco.

Argan oil is natural, it is effective, low cost, and has proven results. Many people will testify that they have seen a dramatic improvement after just a single use.