Avoid These Types of Argan Oil

Bottles of argan oil to avoid

Types of Argan Oil to Avoid

Pure and original Argan Oil is quite hard to obtain given that its production is time-consuming and its price is very high. Most of the Argan Oil found in the market today is barely genuine. Fake producers are even going to an extent of diluting it in order to make a cheap but impure product. Spending some extra money to buy completely pure oil is definitely worth it, instead of going for those cheap and less beneficial fake brands. Make sure to avoid these types of Argan Oil so that you can invest in products that are worth purchasing.


Poorly Packaged Argan Oil

Most probably you may have come across Argan Oil that is sold in clear bottles. Others are packaged in plastic containers. It is important to note that the best properties of this oil are broken down by light. One of the best ways you can identify genuine Argan Oil is through the packaging
form. It should be packaged in a dark glass.

Cheap Brands

Argan Oil goes through a lot of processes in production and consumes much labor. That explains the high price of the genuine oil. That however, does not imply that the most expensive brand is the genuine one. The price of the oil is usually determined by the level of concentration of Argan in that product. You should therefore check the ingredients carefully before purchasing the product. However, take note that the best option would be to use completely pure Argan Oil that has no added chemicals. 

Odorless and Strong Smelling Oil

Argan oil usually has a mild aroma that disappears within few minutes of contact with your skin since it usually absorbs quickly. You should not purchase oil that is odorless or even strong smelling.

Lightly Colored Oil

Culinary Argan Oil has a golden brown color whilethe cosmetic one having a light golden yellow color. Brands whose color is quite light should be avoided since there is a very high probability that the genuine oil was mixed with other oils.

Added Ingredients

It is always essential to check on the ingredients of the product you are about to buy. Make sure to purchase products which have only one ingredient- Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa). There should be no water, preservatives or even fragrances. Combining Argan Oil with other ingredients tends to degrade its quality and effects.

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